Posted by Keith - Mon, Aug 16, 2010 8:21 am

Had one of those rare perfect days on FridayÖFirst, I had the day off from work and we took the kids to breakfast at Sweet Mama's (overpriced, but good food and atmosphere). We then headed over to Crabmeadow beach. Isabelle and Samantha had a great time running around on the beach and playing on the jungle gym and swings. We headed home for lunch and then all four of us took a nice, relaxing, and much needed three hour nap. Once everyone was up we went out for some pizza at Nina's Pizzeria in Northport village. We ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. After dinner we got some ice cream cones and played again on another jungle gym in Northport Park. There was live music playing in the park so we walked over there and to top things off there was a family with five puppy pit bulls (8-9 weeks old) running around the grass field. They are trying to sell them. The puppies loved Isabelle and two of them fell asleep in her lap.

Click here for some photos from Crabmeadow Beach

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