Posted by Keith - Mon, Jul 14, 2008 12:48 pm

This weekend we went out east to Nassau Point. On our way out there we stopped at the Long Island Game Farm ( in Manorville. It was really a lot of fun for both Isabelle and us. We recommend anyone with little kids to go. Itís just a short ride and the park was not too big so you can see everything in just a few hours. Almost all of the animals you can walk up to, to feed and pet themÖHere are the pictures we took at the farm.

At the house in Nassau Point we had a great time on the beach and Isabelle and Lily loved playing in the water in the bay...We also took a ride into Greenport on Friday and Sunday to eat at Claudioís and walk around the town.

Photos from Nassau Point (1 of 2)
Photos from Nassau Point (2 of 2)

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