Posted by Keith - Mon, Feb 4, 2008 9:10 am

Wow that was amazing! The best game I have ever seen. I loved the other two Super Bowl wins by the Giants (`86 and `90) but that one clearly tops them all. Even above game 7 of the 2003 ALCS when the Yankees beat the Red Sox in 11 innings. Mainly because it was the Patriots and Belichick who they beat, but also because it was the first game in a long time that I did not want to miss one play. You were into the game from start to finish. Everyone who we watched the game with was glued to the television…By the way thank you to the Curti’s for having us all over. Everything was great.

Eli and the offense were great and made some incredibly plays in the fourth quarter last night but it was the defense who really won the game. As everyone always says, “offense wins you game but defense wins championships". The Patriots had the best offense in NFL history but the Giants clearly had a better defense and that is why they won.

Click here for a bunch of pictures of Isabelle wearing her Manning jersey. She made it through most of the game but missed the end…She watched it on Sports Center with me this morning.

The play of the game:

Oh and this was my favorite commercial yesterday:

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